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Noble was built on the ideology that, through proper guidance anyone can be a better version of themselves. We provide a community driven group of individuals with the fundamentals that they can utilize for their professional careers and even apply in real life. Noble is a premier esports org with players in over 5 genres of gaming including, FPS, Battle Royale, FGC, Driving, Sports Titles and CCG.

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Official Streamer for Noble

I haven't been with Noble for a long time yet, but I had heard about them through their Overwatch Contenders teams and then I was asked to join them and to be honest as a smaller upcoming streamer it was the most amazing opportunity so far to help me grow my channel, help me get out more content and also to connect to other people who are like-minded! The staff is amazingly nice and always there to help and answer question. To me, joining Noble has so far been an absolute blast and I cannot wait to grow together as a community and organisation!


Official Streamer for Noble

Working as a gaming content creator can be extremely satisfying and rewarding, but it has its downsides. It’s quite a recent phenomenon, so when you’re struggling and you feel lost it’s really hard to find relevant advice and support. In Noble I found an incredible group of like-minded people and an amazing support system! Since I joined I feel like I can really reach 100% of my potential and, even more important, I’m surrounded by people that understand and encourage each other


Official Streamer for Noble

Being accepted nowadays isn't quite the easiest thing, but January 31st of 2019 was one of the most amazing turnarounds in my online gaming experience. That's day that Noble invited me to join their team. Not knowing what to expect what would come of this, here we still are on Noble loving each and every day of it something always new going on; new faces, new memories to be made. It's truly great to have a community of like minded individuals to call family away from home.

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