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Our streamers earn on average $5.94 per user per month

I love that Quest Mode has boosted my revenue by giving my community a fun, interactive option to support me.

- Alliestrasza

Quest Mode has allowed me to engage with my community in a depth greater than ever before. Letting viewers help their favorite community without having to spend a cent.

- Incon

I've earned more than $1,000 from people in our #twitch community with Quest Mode. It's free and fun for your friends :)

- TheMommyGamers

Play a game, earn a sub! Man I’m glad I signed up with @OperaEvent Quest Mode

- Crushinkill

My subs approve, only good feedback! It's literally free subs

- ZironicDK

I've used it for a while now and it's a great way for a community to support a streamer without having to spend any money

- Puhdado

Quest Mode has made it possible for viewers to support the stream without having to spend their own money

- Trixxytrix
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