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Hollywood meets gaming, Mike Tyson is joining forces with F2K fueled by the mission to grow both their team and community-- while providing a fun, positive environment for fans across the globe.

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The Movement

Mike Tyson is now a co-owner of F2K, and he is being joined by a host of other celebrities who are here to grow all of F2K into something new, and never before been done. Something we would like you to be a part of – right now!


Opporunities to hang out and stream with F2K and A-List celebrities to help grow your channel


Join our team, and get access to exclusive sponsorship opportunities catered to your channel

Rewards and Swag

Everything you do earns Iron Coins which you can redeem for prizes, see below

Iron Coins

Everything you do to support the team earns you Iron Coins. You redeem Iron Coins to buy things in the team store. Really want to pet Mike Tyson's tiger? Save up enough points and we will ask him nicely....very nicely

F2K Hoodie

Get Swag

Earn free team gear, t-shirts and hoodies and lots of other goodies.

Mike Tyson Tiger

Get Experiences

Maybe even pet Tyson's tiger

TwitchCon 2019


Get tickets and/or all expense paid trips to cons

Ways to Earn

  • Stream
  • Promote Team
  • Promote Sponsors
  • Help the Community
  • Host Others
  • Early Bird Bonus
  • Luck
  • Content Contests

Ways to Spend

  • Team/Sponsor Swag
  • Sponsorships
  • Free Conventions
  • Co-Streaming
  • Get Promoted
  • Mentoring
  • Streamer House Visits
  • Giveaways

The Squad

Mike Tyson

Heavyweight Sports Tycoon

Come join us at F2K and let's build something new and exciting together!


F2K Broadcaster

F2K is my family. I’ve watched it grow from the ground up and I know this amazing community has a very bright future. I can’t wait to watch us make our mark on the emerging Esports industry.

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