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Bounties is a new thing. We want to help you use it to its full potential.

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Create a Dialogue

  • Get outrageous suggestions
  • Make streaming a two way street
  • Add excitement

Incentivize Donations

  • Different value proposition
  • Doesn't cannibalize tips
  • New Donators

Be the Innovator

  • Trail Blaze
  • Something totally new
  • Surprise even yourself

Part of a Full Solution

  • Connects with Gather
  • One tool replaces many
  • A full ecosystem

Read why influencers love Gather:

This is the future of streaming.

– Nicktron, Twitch Streamer

I love how my channel is enjoying this new chat experience!

– Panky, Twitch Streamer

I Love it, my community loves it, its Amazing!

– AnotherNotch, Twitch Streamer